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Bookkeeping in Dallas, TX 

Check out our highly reviewed bookkeeping services for small businesses. As a local CPA firm, we have all of our clients’ best interests in mind. We are experienced financial experts with years in the industry. Our expertise helps us focus on your unique situation to find solutions catered to you. We offer quality customer service. Check out our reviews and find out what we’re all about. 

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses in Dallas

Every business owner understands that bookkeeping services are key to maintaining their business venture in order. From the moment that you open your doors to when you collect your first dollar, to your first profitable year, you’ll likely hear about the importance of keeping your books. As your business grows and establishes itself, the importance of accurate books only increases. 

Not only do the bookkeeping services at Biel Fisette Iacono LLC offer a valuable set of services that include the accurate and effective recording of payables and receivables, but they also guarantee your security, power, and success of your business. 

Reliable Experts Ready to Work for You

With more than 30 years of experience, our expert service team is ready to work for you and your business. Our team is well-versed in various disciplines. This is one of the many things that make us stand out. We have the unique ability to seamlessly integrate many different services, whether it be accounting and/or wealth advisory. In this way, we offer a broader range of options for your businesses’ success. 

The Benefits of Getting High-Grade Bookkeeping Services

Getting high-quality bookkeeping and accounting services is about safeguarding, developing, and maintaining your company’s overall financial processes organized. Consistent and accurate records are a key part of maintaining your business. 

Why Small Businesses Should Outsource Their Bookkeeping 

While some business owners have trepidation about outsourcing their bookkeeping services, there are several benefits to having a third party help you organize and keep your books, including: 

You got experts on your side

  • The financial aspects of a business can get complicated. For both new and experienced business owners, knowing the ins and outs of accounting is always a plus. When you hire an expert, you can count that they understand the work, are detail-oriented and will ensure accuracy. 


  • In order to achieve accuracy and efficiency, you need someone with the right training and expertise on your side. A company with advanced processes and procedures will save you time and money and keep accurate numbers. With our help, you’ll avoid errors such as misclassifying expenses, incorrect balance in revenue, no backups, neglecting to record expenses or transactions. 


  • Outsourcing a bookkeeper will actually save you money when compared to having to hire someone full time. Bringing someone into your company means adding them to payroll, adding benefits, and salary. An outsource accounting company will provide accounting and bookkeeping services as you need them. At Biel Fisette Iacono, we can design a work plan that fits your budget and timeline. 

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