An Expert Team Providing Accounting Services, Bookkeeping, and Tax Services for Small Businesses

Biel Fisette Iacono LLP started with the idea to provide small business owners impactful interactions with CPA professionals. When we sit down and work with a client, their success becomes our top priority. We like to think that we help our clients make decisions that have a lasting impact in their lives, their business, their future visions, and even their families. It’s why we take the responsibility very seriously and approach it with honesty and a strong adherence to excellence and service. We exist to create successful solutions for private businesses, their owners, and individuals and families.

With our all-encompassing approach, we’re able to find creative solutions for your business.

Why Choose Us?

A team of trained professionals guiding the way.

With Biel Fisette Iacono, you get more than just a certified public accountant, you get an entire team of financial experts who can consolidate your financial decisions and efforts for optimal results. As an experienced team with varied backgrounds, we create solutions in accounting, tax, wealth accumulation, investment portfolios, financial issues, retirement matters, and consulting needs. Our goal is to work together with business owners to provide financial options, advice, and guidance.


We provide impactful interactions and find solutions that help our clients stabilize, grow, and enhance their business.


To provide comprehensive services for hard-working business owners and individuals looking to better manage, grow, and invest their money.

The BFI Difference — A New Kind of CPA Firm and Wealth Management

As a CPA firm with a mixed background of expertise, Biel Fisette Iacono has the unique ability to seamlessly integrate all of our services. Whether it be accounting, taxes, business start-up advice, or wealth advisory. We work as a service team that can help business owners really take the reins of every aspect of their business and find the best results.

We Open Up Possibilities and Provide Options

We provide options. Part of our goal is to open up the possibilities and present you with options of what’s available to you. Our expertise in several aspects of the financial sector allows us to see across discipline lines and get a bigger more all-encompassing picture of what we can accomplish together.

At Biel Fisette Iacono, we also strive to help our clients become better informed about the processes they’re dealing with in order for them to make informed decisions about their finances and their business. We help spread the wealth of knowledge and ensure that we are providing the latest and most accurate information about tax law, exemptions, deductions, etc. In essence, we:

Specialize in maximizing success through integrated services
Facilitate the accumulation, preservation, investment and management of wealth for businesses and families
Deliver customizable solutions and plans of action depending on your circumstances
Treat our team as family in order to ensure high-quality customer service

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