The BFI Mission

Creating the Desired Success

BFI approaches serving clients differently than most other firms. “We exist to create success solutions for private businesses, their owners, and individuals and families.”

Our professionals with deep knowledge and experience create success solutions in accounting, tax, wealth accumulation, investment portfolios, financial issues, retirement matters, and consulting needs.

Our people know your industry, and combined with your knowledge, we work together to deliver on your desired success

Why Choose BFI?

Our mission drives us to:

  • Specialize in maximizing the success affiliated with the unique relationship between the private business (mostly pass-through entities) and their owners
  • Create success solutions to facilitate the accumulation, preservation, investment, management, and transfer of individual and family wealth
  • Utilize knowledge of particular industries to enhance your success in your industry
  • Deliver integrated success solutions customized to your needs – we are here to help, not sell you services
  • Provide career pathways for our people, who in turn amplify our ability to better serve our clients and communities

Let BFI help you create the success you desire.

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